Magnus is a F***ing passionate outlaw! 

the First time i met him (thanks to vince who shot with him many times)  i didn't realize how "big" he was. I mean... yes he is tall but it's just crazy to walk with him downtown LA and see everybody stop to say "hi magnus, nice to see you bro". 

when he came to paris for the paris outlaw.. so many people, so many, came from everywhere in france just to see him and then, at this moment i was like "holly shit, magnus is a rock star! 

And you know what? yes he is... ! 


his porsche collection is really impressive. i already said that about porsche "when you buy one, you want two.. then you'll get ten", remember? Well .. he wins! he owns way more than ten hahaha! His garage now holds 25 vintage porche 911's. the best part is that he doesn't design porsches to sell them. he just does it for love! when he is done with a car, he needs a "new toy" to play with!


it was a pleasure meeting him ... and that was just the beginning! ;)


So my current Porsche goal is to own one of every sports car Porsche has made
— Magnus Walker for Bad to the Bone magazine

He's been through so many things to get where he is now..  it is remarkable! 

we were in la for vince's birthday and i wanted to rent a vintage porsche for the weekend.. i remember asking magnus "it's vince's birthday do you know where i can rent a car? so far, no luck finding a cool porsche to rent... " then he responded "i think i can do something for you!" then, silly me, i go "cooool so you know a website where i can find one right? " then he goes" no, i mean i can loan you a car"!

i was like OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG yaaaaaaayyyyyy (but didn`t say any of that)

i wanted to tell vince so bad but kept the secret safe! 

the d-day was just amazing, i brought vince at magnus place and we got one of his car! it was unbelievable!

so we'd like to thank him again and again for this fantastic present and for having trusting us with his car! thank you mangus! 


we appreciate his friendship a lot


congratulations magnus for your success story and your book release! 


see ya soon


*photos from vince's article in bad to the bone magazine